NASA has demonstrated flight to the moon on behalf of the astronauts in 4K: amazing video

У NASA показали політ на Місяць від імені астронавтів у 4K: приголомшливе відео

Flight to the moon
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NASA presented an impressive 4K presentation lasting 2.5 minutes, which was released on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the mission “Apollo-13”. In the video you can see amazing landscapes of the moon, which saw the team of three astronauts during their journey around our satellite.

The visualization shows the different types of lunar surface, starting from the West of Land located on the dark side of the moon, sunrise and ending East of the planet, then “Apollo-13” was able to restore radio contact with mission Control in Houston.

“In this video used the data collected from the automatic interplanetary station NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter to recreate some of the stunning species of the Month that astronauts “Apollo-13″ was seen during his perilous journey in 1970”, explained NASA in the notes to the video.

After 56 hours after the start of the flight of the spacecraft in the framework of the mission “Apollo 13” one of the oxygen tanks exploded. The explosion also led to the loss in the command module’s electricity, lights and water at a distance of 320 thousand kilometers from Earth. Incredible teamwork, and mission Control helped to bring the three astronauts home. But they had to overcome serious problems that the mission was successful.

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