NASA: Cargo spacecraft bound for ISS encounters unusual glitch

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 NASA: ISS-bound cargo ship encountered an unusual glitch

On Monday morning, November 7, Northrop Grumman's NG-18 Cygnus spacecraft, loaded with 4 tons of equipment and crew supplies, lifted off from Virginia but encountered a technical glitch. Only one of the spacecraft's two solar arrays deployed. The Cygnus was scheduled to reach the ISS on Wednesday, according to NASA.

The uncrewed cargo ship uses collapsible solar arrays that hide during launch and then unfold. The Cygnus spacecraft does not return to Earth. The crew fills it with debris before it undocks and re-enters Earth's atmosphere, where the craft burns up, disposing of the debris.

ISS Operations Integration Manager Dina Kontella said the spacecraft is fine. Northrop Grumman is working on the deployment of a second battery.

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