NASA begins lunar rocket launch countdown with Israeli experiment

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 NASA begins lunar rocket launch countdown with Israeli experiment

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On Monday, NASA began the countdown for this week's scheduled launch of its new lunar rocket, although hurricane damage could cause another test flight delay.

Strong winds from Hurricane Nicole caused a 10-foot section of sealant to peel off near the crew capsule in the rocket's nose. Mission leaders want to make sure the narrow strip of skin won't damage the rocket if it breaks off during launch. A final decision is expected Monday evening.< br />
Launch is scheduled for early Wednesday morning from NASA's Kennedy Space Center with test dummies, not astronauts on board. trying to send a capsule into lunar orbit.

The nearly month-long, $4 billion mission has been delayed since August due to fuel leaks and Hurricane Yen, which forced NASA to return the rocket to a hangar in late September. The rocket remained on the pad during storm Nicole because, according to managers, there was not enough time to move her when it became clear that the storm would be stronger than expected.

Several dummies intended for testing of AstroRad, an anti-radiation suit developed by the Israeli firm StemRad in conjunction with Lockheed Martin and designed to protect vital organs from harmful gamma radiation.

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