NASA astronauts on missions to the moon will wear new spacesuits

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over a wider range of sizes. Axiom Space, which develops the next generation of spacesuits, said it plans to release new versions of spacesuits for NASA astronauts. The Associated Press writes about this.

According to the company, the suits will be white. That is why they will be able to reflect heat and protect NASA astronauts from high temperatures. The suits will provide greater flexibility, protection from the harsh environment of the Moon, and will also be available in a wider range of sizes.

To create the AxEMU suit, Axiom Space reportedly worked with a team of experts such as the David Clark Company, Sophic Synergistics, KBR, Arrow Science and Technology, Air-Lock, Paragon Space Development Corporation, A-P-T Research.

NASA awarded Axiom Space a $228.5 million contract to make space suits for the moon landing The space agency plans to land two astronauts on the south pole of the moon no earlier than 2025.

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