NASA astronauts grow chili on the ISS for the first time

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NASA astronauts raised chili on the ISS for the first time

Astronauts master botany.

Four chili plants growing aboard the International Space Station have borne several fruits. link to the League.

The peppers have been blooming on the ISS for the past few weeks.

Plants are housed in Advanced Plant Habitat (APH) boxes that can be controlled remotely.

To pollinate the flowers in orbit, NASA's Kennedy Space Center team instructed APH to run fans at variable speed – this created a gentle breeze in microgravity conditions. which swayed flowers and stimulated the transfer of pollen. & nbsp;

Some flowers were manually pollinated by the ISS crew.

NASA researchers noted that fruits develop more slowly in space than on Earth. The reasons for this are not yet fully understood.

Overcoming the challenges of growing fruit in microgravity is essential for long missions that require good sources of vitamin C for the crew.

Astronauts are expected to have two harvests this year – in late October and in the first half of November. & nbsp;

Astronauts will disinfect pepper, eat part of the crop, and return part to Earth for analysis.

 NASA astronauts raised chili on the ISS for the first time

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