NASA Artemis 2 mission: which of the astronauts can fly to the moon

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 NASA Artemis 2 mission: which of the astronauts can fly to the moon

Scheduled for 2024, the Artemis 2 mission will be the first crewed mission to the Moon since 1972. Four people will take part in the Artemis 2 lunar mission, according to CNN.

The selection process for astronauts is extremely secret, even already selected astronauts sometimes do not know if they got on a mission. The composition of the crew is announced according to a strict schedule determined by the participating space agencies, there are no leaks of information here.

CNN journalists, after talking with “a dozen current and former NASA officials and astronauts”, formed forecasts of who will be chosen for Artemis 2.So, it's almost certainly Reid Wiseman from the USA and Jeremy Hansen from Canada.

47-year-old Wiseman – a naval aviator, test pilot and former head of the astronaut office, has been with NASA since 2009 and is a veteran of the 2014 ISS expedition. He also led the NEEMO Subsea Mission in Florida in 2016. Hansen – A 47-year-old Canadian Army fighter pilot served with NORAD. He also joined the CSA in 2009, but has not flown into space yet. Hansen was the first Canadian to manage the training schedule for a new class of astronauts between 2017 and 2020.

Of the 4-man crew, three are known to be from NASA and one from the Canadian CSA. The Canadians got their place by adding Canadarm3 robotic technology to the planned Gateway lunar station. NASA has 41 astronauts on missions, a third of them women, and there are representatives of different races.

Artemis 2 is expected to carry:

  • Victor Glover – black astronaut who flew to the ISS in 2021;
  • Christina Koch – spent a year on the ISS in 2019;
  • Anne McClain – flew to the ISS in 2018, publicly identifies with the LGBT community.

However, NASA hasn't exactly confirmed any of CNN's predictions.

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