NASA abandoned greenhouse gas monitoring mission – too expensive

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 NASA abandoned greenhouse gas monitoring mission – too expensive

Although NASA has consistently emphasized its commitment to a green order, the aerospace agency has deemed one of the conservation projects too expensive to be involved. The GeoCarb mission to monitor the content of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere will be abolished at the initiative of NASA.

Back in 2016, NASA agreed to take part in the GeoCarb project, which involves monitoring the content of CO2 in the atmosphere. A special satellite, created in collaboration with the University of Oklahoma and Lockheed Martin, was supposed to be put into geostationary orbit. However, things didn't go as originally planned.

“It's hard to make a decision about this, but NASA is committed to making careful choices when allocating resources provided by the people of the United States,” – agency spokesman said. According to him, climate observations will be carried out in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

According to NASA, the decision to end the GeoCarb program was due to “technical issues, cost-effectiveness issues, and the availability of new alternative data sources.” Most likely, GeoCarb's estimated cost has risen from $170.9 million to $600 million. .

Instead of the new satellite, the Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation EMIT, which arrived at the ISS in July, will be used, and it is also planned to expand the mission of the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-3 instrument, which began operating there, on the ISS in 2019 .

In addition, NASA is working on the Earth System Observatory project, which plans to launch a series of satellites by 2030 that, among other things, will study atmospheric aerosols, clouds, biology and surface geology , as well as surface changes and deformations.

According to a NASA representative, changing the planet is one of the company's priorities, and greenhouse New gases play a central role in the study of this topic.

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