Nantes will honor the memory of the Sala noble act: “will Remain a legend”

Нант почтит память погибшего Салы благородным поступком: «Останется легендой»

Former club died in a plane crash footballer emiliano Sala Nantes made an official statement on the death of the player

The leadership of the French club decided to honor the memory of the Argentine striker more than a noble act.

According to the official website of Nantes, the ninth number under which emiliano Sala played in the Canaries, will be removed from circulation.

Нант почтит память погибшего Салы благородным поступком: «Останется легендой»

Thus, none of the current or future players of the French club will not be able to take a t-shirt with the number “9”.

“In Nantes was incredibly saddened to learn that the body found belonged to emiliano Fat. This news put an end to the endless and anxious wait. Emiliano will forever remain one of the legends who wrote the great history of Nantes.

There are terrible days and nightmarish awakening, where, unfortunately, reality catches up with us. Amy’s gone…”, — reads the statement of the French club.

The President of Nantes, Waldemar kita also confirmed the intention to perpetuate the ninth emiliano Sala.

“I have no words, it is a tragedy, I’m devastated. Emiliano has left its mark in the history of our club, so I, like many fans, I want to honor his memory, withdrawing from circulation the number “9”, — said the head of the Canaries.

In addition, the leadership of the French football League announced that this weekend all the matches of League 1 and League 2 to the memory of emiliano Sala will be honored with applause.

Recall that a plane flying at this newcomer Cardiff city striker emiliano Sala strangely disappeared on Monday, January 21. According to reports, the plane disappeared from radar near the coast of England.

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Former Nantes player flew into England on a private odnomernom plane, and an hour before arrival the pilot reported problems. At a height of 1.5 kilometers, the pilot contacted the Bank and requested a reduced height of up to 700 meters due to weather conditions. Soon after reducing communication with the aircraft was lost.

Along with 28-year-old emiliano Sala on Board was another man – the pilot, David Ibbotson, when at 20:30 communication with the aircraft was lost near the lighthouse Caskets from Alderney. Air traffic control confirmed that the plane was flying from Nantes in Western France, in Cardiff despite a warning of heavy snowfall and hail.

Нант почтит память погибшего Салы благородным поступком: «Останется легендой»

After four days of fruitless searching emiliano Sala, the police decided to stop the rescue operation. The commander of the search and rescue operation Guernsey captain David Barker gave a disappointing comment about the chances of survival in such conditions.

“Despite the continuous research in the area, which area is about 1.7 million miles, monitoring of mobile communications and the continuous updating of the data from the satellite, we failed to find any trace of the aircraft, pilot or passenger. The chances of survival at the moment are low.

Despite the fact that an active search has been terminated, the case remains open. We ask all ships to look for possible traces of the missing plane.”

Later, the rescue operation was resumed and the aircraft on Board of which was Argentine footballer Cardiff city emiliano Sala, was found by searchers at the bottom of the English channel. In addition, in the wreckage of the plane was found on one body.

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Нант почтит память погибшего Салы благородным поступком: «Останется легендой»

After removing the bodies from the wreckage it was sent for identification. Later, the police Dorset announced that the body belonged to emiliano Fat.

“The body, delivered in Portland, was officially identified by the coroner of Dorset, as the body of a professional footballer emiliano Sala,” — said in a police statement Dorset.

Earlier, the father of the missing player made an emotional statement: “I can’t believe.”

As reported Politeka, the last message disappeared players of Cardiff have become prophetic: “God, how scary.”

Also Politeka wrote about the fact that the fans EN masse in support of the missing players: “More than a player”.

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