Named useless diet returns the lost weight

Названы бесполезные диеты, возвращающие потерянный вес

Many people, dreaming about a beautiful body, start trying everything methods get rid of excess weight. However, instead of losing weight they come to the set of extra pounds.

Experts in the field of beauty and health spoke about the three methods of losing weight, which help to quickly get rid of a certain amount of excess weight, but then lead to a sharp return of the lost pounds, and larger volumes than before the diet, reports the with reference on Voice.

The first method is exclusion from the diet products of protein origin. Many believe that by replacing meat and vegetables, they start to lose weight. Yes, some time the weight will go, but then he’ll come back in greater volume. All because the lack of protein leads to an overabundance of carbohydrates, resulting in a weight gain.

In second place for the ineffectiveness was the refusal of the dinner. With this method, first the body gets rid of extra pounds, but once you start to eat in the evening, as the weight lost will immediately come back, so even with the raise.

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Ineffective and named carbohydrate-free diet, the so-called drying. It leads to significant problems with metabolism and further weight gain.

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