Named unexpected cause of heart disease

Названа неожиданная причина развития болезней сердца

Why is it important to sleep.

The study showed that people who spend sleep less than 7 hours a day have a higher risk of heart attacks and other diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Low duration of sleep reduces blood levels of the three physiological regulators or microRNAs that affect the expression of genes and play a very important role in maintaining cardiovascular health, reports the with reference on the people the truth.

The study authors took blood from a small group of healthy men and women aged 44 to 62 years. They all replied in detail to questions about sleep quality and duration. Half of the volunteers spent on sleep from 7 to 8.5 hours each night, and the second half — not more than 5-6,8 hours. Scientists measured the expression of 9 microRNAs (miR) that were previously associated with inflammatory processes, functionality of the immune system or health of blood vessels.

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It turned out that the smaller the duration of sleep in humans, the lower the circulating levels of miR-125A, miR-126 and miR-146a. These indicators in the group of people who slept less than others were reduced by 40-60%. But those who slept at least 7 hours, they were normal, providing extra protection from cardiovascular diseases.

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