Named the worst for the body types of diets

Названі найгірші для організму види дієт

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Water and tea, and detox diets are very popular today. They involve only drinking water, and almost completely eliminate from the menu any solid food. And that’s too bad.

Of course, this method of weight loss helps to quickly get rid of excess fat, so users of social networks vying to publish pictures with the achieved results. But experts insist that such a diet could cause a lot of harm.

The fact that the human organism for normal life activities need normal food contains sufficient amount of nutrients a human body could be capable of, otherwise, the heart will not receive enough energy to work. As a result, the body will take this energy from the muscles, then the person loses all the nutrients and becomes a “squeezed lemon”.

So, an expert on eating disorders Joanne Labiner from the UK has linked fasting on water with such a disease as anorexia. However, she said that the water diet you have to avoid not getting on the hook that it is possible to lose weight quickly.

Названі найгірші для організму види дієт

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