Named the richest countries of Europe. Infographics

The Swiss financial group Credit Suisse has published its annual report about the financial well-being of adults around the world.

Названо найбагатші країни Європи. Інфографіка

This rating shows the level of wealth of the state as a whole, and just the earnings of its people as individuals. All data were collected about 4.8 billion people, reports Rus.Media.

Accordingly, the financial report for the year 2017 from Credit Suisse called the country in which they live are the richest Europeans. The top three also includes Iceland, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

In order to determine the level of wealth, Credit Suisse considers both financial (e.g., Bank deposits) and nonfinancial assets (e.g., real estate) and also subtracts the amount of the debt. If the assets is less than the debt, the index can be negative.

The map below shows the amount of money owned by every adult in the country. This is the average ratio of: 50% of citizens are over 50% less.

Названо найбагатші країни Європи. Інфографіка

Named the richest country in Europe: infographic / jakubmarian

The unit of measurement is $ 1,000. The top of the occupied Iceland ($ 445000), Switzerland ($ 229000) and Luxembourg ($ 168000). In Ukraine, per adult, on average, only $ 100.

Index of the countries marked with an asterisk may be inaccurate, because Credit Suisse failed to collect truthful information about the income of their citizens.

For comparison, Japan’s per capita is around $ 124000 in USA – $ 56000 in China – $ 6700, in Brazil – $ 4600, and in India – $ 1300.

It is interesting that at the moment humanity has 280 trillion U.S. dollars. While the number of millionaires in the world over the last ten years has increased at 8,740 million

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