Named the progenitors of human civilization

Названы прародители человеческой цивилизации

Because of the constant move with herds of animals, the shepherds have been genetically isolated from the hunters and gatherers.

Scientists have established, who were the first on the planet farmers. It is reported online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

An international team of scientists examined DNA extracted from ancient remains kept in museums in Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia. Only specialists have analyzed a sample of 41 and learned the origin of the first people producing food.

One of the first shepherds came in Africa. Some people still breed goats and sheep to the South of the Sahara.

One of the first pastoralists of Kenya and Tanzania was a group of people coming from the North-Eastern part of Africa. About 3500-4500 years ago they came to East Africa and assimilated with the local people.

Scientists have named a new reason for the extinction of Neanderthals

Because of the constant moving with herds, shepherds and hunter-gatherers were genetically isolated from each other. And 1200 years ago, their genetic Fund “diluted” peoples from the North-East and West Africa.

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