Named the most useful way of making hash

Назван самый полезный способ приготовления окрошки

This soup can be eaten every day.

Antonina Starodubova recommend to cook the soup with lean poultry is tasty, but unhealthy sausages. The nutritionist believes that the cold low-calorie soups should be included in daily diet, writes the with reference to the news of Yu.

Specialist on healthy eating Antonina Starodubova talked about how to make the soup really healthy dish. According to nutritionist, sausage and ham are composed of saturated fats and high in salt, which negates the entire use of the product. Therefore, to prepare a cold summer soup it is better to use lean meat such as chicken or rabbit.

For the filling cooked meals suitable low-fat dairy products: 1% kefir or ayran. The use of beet decoction or brew will further reduce the caloric soup.

Such dressings as mayonnaise, store-bought sauce and the like, according to his doctor, has many harmful additives, including a large amount of sugar and salt.

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Nutritionist Antonina Starodubova believes properly cooked, the hash is very useful, said low-calorie product (around 270 calories per 400g) and recommends a cold soup in the daily diet.

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