Named the most highly paid vacancy in Kiev

Названа самая высокооплачиваемая вакансия в Киеве

Most paid professionals in the capital today are the Directors of the departments of enterprises.

Kyiv city employment center was named the highest paid job in the capital is the Director of the Department.

It is reported online edition of the with reference to

Employees in this category can expect to pay more than 43 thousand hryvnias.

“According to information provided to the center by employers, the most paid professionals in Kiev today are Directors of departments of enterprises, both public and private in different sectors of the economy. In particular, in telecommunications and banking. Quotations for such vacancies for top-managers at least three times higher than the average salary in the capital”, — stated in the message.

It is noted that the background of economic growth, the demand for experienced managers remains high, however, the supply of personnel is not enough.

The Cabinet has reduced the cost of subsidies of 8 billion hryvnia

“As Director of the Department implies a high level of professionalism and responsibility, organizational ability, and significant experience in a specific field. Therefore, for the employer, finding such professionals is always quite difficult,” — noted in the centre.

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