Named the most dangerous asteroid for planet Earth

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The most dangerous asteroid for planet Earth is named

A collision may occur in 2182.

Astronomers using ground-based telescopes and the OSIRIS-REx interplanetary station have estimated a 500-meter near-Earth asteroid Bennu, as the most dangerous for the Earth, reports with reference to the Correspondent.

It turned out that the highest probability of an asteroid collision with our planet in one chance out of 2700 refers to September 2182, which makes Bennu the most dangerous object on the Palermo scale. & nbsp;

A group of planetary scientists led by David Farnocchia from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has built a new model in which the Yarkovsky effect, which affects orbital drift, plays an important role, and also takes into account the Poynting effect & # 8212; Robertson, which has so far been considered in the context of interplanetary dust dynamics.

It turned out that the change in the length of the semi-major axis of the orbit due to the Yarkovsky effect is ± one meter per year, as Bennu's orbit evolves due to gravitational disturbances from the planets from 1900 to 2135.

Previously, the first place belonged to the asteroid 1950 DA. Bennu's future rendezvous with Earth in 2037 will make it possible to re-refine its orbit during radar observations.

The OSIRIS-REx interplanetary station was sent to Ben in 2016. For 2.5 years of work, she mapped the asteroid, determined its properties, found out that Bennu was active, found broken boulders, fragments of the asteroid West and organic matter on its surface, and also traced the course of its evolution.

In addition, , the device took soil from the northern hemisphere of the asteroid, the total mass of the collected material was 400 grams.

Currently, OSIRIS-REx has left Bennu and is flying to Earth. The reentry capsule with asteroid soil is expected to land at the Utah test site on September 24, 2023.

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