Named the most anticipated TV shows of summer 2019. Video

Названы самые ожидаемые сериалы лета 2019 года. Видео

The best of the series 2019

The long-awaited adaptation of the novel by Gaiman and Pratchett, grown-up kids from Very strange cases, a shrewd Black mirror, the mystical “German Chernobyl” and other premieres, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

Good signs

Amazon Prime may 31

The main characters in a mini-series — Aziraphale the angel and the demon Crowley, who have been acquainted for six thousand years. But the Antichrist is born, and the cities are racing bikers of the Apocalypse. The world were to end and they decide to team up to save the world.

Adaptation based on the novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, written in 1990. Total planned six episodes. Starring — David Tennant, Michael sheen, Jon Hamm.

Black mirror

Netflix, 5 Jun

Anthology horror on the not too distant future that are born out of the merger of technology and human nature will continue in the fifth season of the series-dystopian.

The handmaid’s tale

Hulu, from June 5

In the third season of the popular American television series, based on the novel by canadian writer Margaret Atwood, the main character Predova looking for associates, and is preparing a revolution in the Republic of Gilead.

Urban history

Netflix, 7 June

The sequel mini-series, 1993, based on a series of novels of Amistad mopin the chronicler diverse American society.

Grown-up Mary Ann returns to San Francisco 20 years later to meet her family, which she left for a career.

The city on the hill

Showtime, from June 16

The show takes place in the early 1990s in Boston, where law enforcement authorities are mired in corruption and racism. Civil society takes up and purifies Herodot corrupt.

Creators Ben Affleck and Matt Damon decided to rethink the events, dubbed “the Boston miracle.”

To Boston arrives at the service of an assistant district attorney, Decourcy ward, a black man originally from Brooklyn. He gets accustomed to the prevailing order and decides to change the balance of power at any cost.

Ward had to sign a dubious Alliance with a corrupt, but revered veteran of the FBI Jackie Rohr.


Netflix, from 21 June

The second season of the proven German TV series about four families living near the mystic power plant, send the viewer into the world of post-apocalyptic future.

Very strange things

Netflix, from 4 July

Summer vacation favorite audience guys will turn into another dangerous quest, and Hawkins will come to the fair. All eight episodes will be released on Netflix on July 4, independence Day, which is celebrated characters of the series.

Four weddings and a funeral

Hulu, as of July 31

Названы самые ожидаемые сериалы лета 2019 года. Видео


Teleadapter famous British romantic Comedy about the high life of London, tempestuous love, broken hearts and political intrigue.

Hunter mind

Netflix will launch in August

Названы самые ожидаемые сериалы лета 2019 года. Видео

Frame from the show

The second season of the series about the origin of the criminal psychology at the FBI will tell about the murders in Atlanta in 1979-1981.

Named the best song in the history of mankind

Beverly Hills 90210

Fox, 7 August

Iconic youth series Beverly hills will be back on screens in the form of a mini-show called 90210. In the new project Fox will star all the actors of the old structure, except for Luke Perry, who played the role of tough guy Dylan. The actor died from a stroke in March of this year.

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