Named the happiest country in the world

Названі найщасливіші країни світу

The UN has released a ranking of the happiest countries in the world. In the updated Top Ukraine has risen by ten points, but is still in the second hundred countries.

For the third consecutive year the ranking of the happiest countries led by Finland. Next on the list is located Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand, Austria and Luxembourg.

Just entered the list of 156 countries. The experts took into account life expectancy, social support, corruption and other indicators.

Названі найщасливіші країни світу

It is noted that the UK is ranked 13th, Germany – 17, U.S. settled in 18 place, while France took the 23rd place in the ranking. Ukraine was ranked in the updated ranking of the 123 line, which is ten points better than last year. At the same time, Moldova is situated on line 70, and Belarus – 75.

Most miserable countries called Afghanistan, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Central African Republic, Tanzania, Botswana, Zaire, Malawi and India.

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