Named the best song in the history of mankind

Названы лучшие песни в истории человечества

The leader of 665 cover versions.

Published ranking of the best songs in the history of mankind. Foreign publication 24/7 Wall Street has published the rating “100 best songs of all time,” reports the with reference to TSN.

The list was headed by the song “Yesterday” by the British band the Beatles, which was 11 weeks at the head of the Billboard Hot 100. The song has also undergone 665 cover versions.

Second on the list of “100 best songs of all time” was the song “Bridge Over Troubled Water” the American Duo Simon & Garfunkel. The third place was led by the hit “Rolling In The Deep” by British singer Adele.

The TOP 10 also included the song “Hey Jude”, “All Of Me” John legend American, “Bad Romance” Lady Gaga, “(I Can not Get No) Satisfaction” the British The Rolling Stones, “Bohemian Rhapsody” of Queen, “Let It Be” Beatles and “Is not No Sunshine “American soul singer bill Withers.

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It should be noted, to rank the best songs of all time, the magazine has developed a special index that takes into account the positions of songs in the Billboard Hot 100 singles sales and the number of recorded cover versions.

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