Named the best Breakfast products

Названы лучшие продукты для завтрака

Regularly skipping Breakfast increases the risk of atherosclerosis and diabetes.

Famous nutritionist Oksana Skitalinskaia told that it is best to eat for Breakfast. So, she said the most ideal product for a healthy morning will be the egg, reports the with reference to Hyser.

According to her, eggs are the gold standard of high quality protein. Protein foods for Breakfast helps to better control blood sugar levels throughout the day.

Egg yolk is a rich source of phospholipids, which are elixir of health and youth for brain and the entire body.

Utrenniy coffee is also healthy, according to nutritionist. It contains caffeine, which is a natural inhibitor (retarder) “aging molecule” mTOR and, accordingly, the coffee drinkers reduce the percentage of mortality from various causes.

It should be noted that there is evidence that coffee helps protect DNA from breakage and reduces systemic inflammation in the body, said the nutritionist.

Also Skitalinskaia advises eating grains, which are a source of dietary fiber (cellulose). 90 grams of dietary fiber reduces total mortality by 17%, and cardiovascular and concomitant.

Berry, in turn, filled with phytonutrients, vitamin C, pectin gentle, nourishing and healing the microbiome and positive effect on the brain.

Nutritionists have refuted the popular myth about weight loss

Also Skitalinskaia advises eating greens, which is a rich source of folate, which not only protect the vessels from atherosclerosis, fractures, strokes and heart attacks, but the DNA from damage and mutations. Leafy greens contain vitamin K, which protects blood vessels from calcification.

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