Named spice, relieves pain in the joints

Названа специя, снимающая боль в суставах

Who would have thought that this popular spice is so useful.

Experts have proven that turmeric, besides all its valuable properties, is also incredibly useful for joint health. It is a specific substance, which is included with this spice — curcuminoids. It performs the function of analgesic for osteoarthritis, says the with reference to

Turmeric is extracted from the root of the plant by boiling, drying, cleaning, and further grinding to a fine powder.

It became known, what will happen to the body if you eat bananas every day

Of course, it is understood that such a clear effect, as when taking drugs, will not. However, turmeric and do not have adverse properties that have drugs. In General, doctors are advised to take foods with turmeric in addition to medicines in order to increase the effect and reduce the amount of consumed drugs.

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