Named rules that will protect from the influence of social networks

Названы правила, которые защитят от влияния соцсетей

Your morning begins with views notification Facebook?

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania showed that “Facebook”, “Instagram” and other social networks have a negative impact on the mental health of people.

Psychology Professor, Georgetown University Elena Kecmanovic made up simple rules that will help to keep the mind from negative influence of social networking.

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If you really want to dive into social networking, then try to lead an active lifestyle — write posts, comment on the news friends, share photos and videos. But don’t behave there passively. Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh found that people leading a passive lifestyle on social networks, 30 percent increase in the manifestation of symptoms of depression.

Your morning begins with views notification Facebook? This is a very bad call. Next time your hand reaches for the phone, ask yourself: “what am I doing right now?”.

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Online is a great thing to maintain a relationship with people at a distance. However, social networks should not replace live communication, it should be a good addition to real life.

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