Named products which should be avoided during hot weather

Названы продукты, от которых следует отказаться в жаркую погоду

According to the doctor, in hot weather, to ease the burden on the body and improve well-being, you should adjust your diet – it should become easier, less caloric.

It is important to minimize the consumption of meat, and smoked, fried and perishable food products, reports the online edition of the with reference to

What products doctors recommend to refuse in the heat?

Meat products and sausages. Sausages, meatballs, ravioli and other types of fast food… it’s better to abandon them, put your emphasis on natural food. Red meat is healthier to replace white. If giving up meat is impossible, prefer diet varieties: rabbit, Turkey, chicken, veal. With fish you have to be careful, it can trap moisture in the body.

Curd cheese and cakes. Approximately every second poisoning in children in the summer occurs after eating yogurt or curd cheese. In the summer there is unsafe and cakes — after standing two hours outside the refrigerator, they become a haven for harmful bacteria.

Coffee. Drinking coffee in the summer provokes extremely high load on the cardiovascular system, warned by the dietician Elena Solomatina. In addition, coffee is a diuretic, which increases loss of body moisture, despite the fact that in the heat of the body and without losing a lot of fluids airborne and sweating. Thus, drinking coffee can contribute to dehydration, resulting in blood vessels clots formed.

Alcohol. Besides the fact that alcohol has a harmful effect on the liver, in the summer it provokes dehydration, leads to spasserovannye vessels and pressure increase.

Like the experts advise to eat in the heat?

Eat small portions every 3-4 hours.

Eating light protein: cheese, eggs, yogurt.

In every meal include fresh vegetables. A larger volume of fresh vegetables will give a feeling of satiety and fullness without the heaviness. Seasonal fruits and berries should be eaten for dessert instead of candy and baked sweets.

Nutritionists told me how to get the toxins and wastes from the body without drugs

Although in the heat of the drinking water increases high blood pressure you should not drink large amounts of water, it can cause swelling and increased pressure.

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