Named products that remove nicotine from the body

Названы продукты, которые выводят никотин из организма

So you quit Smoking – well, congratulations! But this is only the first step on the road to recovery.

Your body needs to help get rid of accumulated nicotine – and at the same time and depending on him. Nicotine is one of the most potent drug, addiction which is the hardest to overcome. If you decided to get rid of bad habits, be prepared for a bitter struggle (still quit Smoking from the first units fails). To help smokers (both former and still present), the scientists recommend to enter into their diet of vegetables and fruits, and cereals. And claim that this healthy food will help in the fight against nicotine, reports the with reference to


One of the most valuable products is the usual broccoli. It has a high concentration of vitamins B5 and C, responsible for the regulation of many important processes in the body. A deficiency of these vitamins leads to metabolic disorders. Eating broccoli improves the metabolism and protect your lungs from toxins (broccoli contains the gene NRF2, which protects cells of the lungs).


Oranges – the most common citrus crop in the world. Doctors strongly recommend to start consuming these fruits because they are a powerful antioxidant. And besides, an antidepressant: consumption of oranges to replenish the level of vitamin C and reduce stress and anxiety caused by withdrawal from nicotine.


Spinach is another treasure trove of health along with the citrus. It is especially necessary for those who quit Smoking. Spinach contains folic acid and vitamin B9, which are the best assistants in the excretion of nicotine from the body. Vitamin B9 helps to restore sleep, disorders which often affects smokers, and folic acid struggling with the abstinence of nicotine.


Ginger can help to get rid of many unwanted effects caused by Smoking tobacco. To complete the effect, you must consume raw ginger. It will reduce the craving for nicotine, to maintain a healthy weight, improve your metabolism, and thus quickly remove toxins from the body.


Present in the acid cranberry help flush nicotine from the bloodstream faster than other organic elements. The fruits of cranberries are rich in vitamin C, what is quite able to compete with oranges and lemons, and namely, a deficiency of this vitamin has to face all the smokers. In addition, cranberry raises the blood sugar levels as well as nicotine, so it’s a great substitute for cigarettes in the period when you quit Smoking. The recipe is very easy: 3 tablespoons of cranberry, half sugar.


Lemons – another true helper in our quest for health. It is known that nicotine destroys the cells and a very negative effect on the skin. The negative impact of nicotine continues for at least another few days after you smoked last cigarette. Citric acid and vitamin C will help to begin an immediate fight with the unwanted effects of Smoking.


Being a smoker, you regularly reduce the concentration of vitamins A and C in the body. This leads to the destruction of nerve cells, disruption of blood circulation and brain function. Regular consumption of raw carrots will help restore vitamins A, C and K – and increase the body’s natural defenses.


Smoking increases the heart rate, increases blood pressure and reduces the oxygen level in the blood. To counteract this, eat fresh pomegranates or pomegranate juice. In addition, these fruits also help to increase the number of red blood cells.

Wheat bran

Smoking can cause narrowing of the blood vessels. To restore their elasticity, eat wheat bran (bran). It is an indispensable source of fiber, essential macro – and micro-elements are essential to the human body. The bran is high in vitamin E, which positively affects the cardiovascular system. Wheat bran can also reduce the risk of developing heart disease in older people.

Called harmful products that have passed the maximum processing


The more cabbage you eat, the lower the risk of cancer. Cabbage is a natural source isothiocyanato and other antioxidants that will help to get rid of unwanted negative effects on the body from prolonged consumption of nicotine.

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