Named products that increase the risk of premature death

Названы продукты, повышающие риск преждевременной смерти

A group of researchers proved that regular consumption of foods with a high degree of processing increases the risk of premature death from stroke and heart attack.

We are talking about potato chips, cereals, ready meals, carbonated water. Ultramontane products are usually sold “ready to use” pack with industrial substances such as preservatives and sweeteners. French scientists believe that these dishes increase the risk of stroke by 12%, reports the with reference to

It turned out that if people often use ready meals (any chips and sweets and fizzy drinks), then they more likely to have cardiovascular disease. Consuming more than 4 servings of such products per day increases the likelihood of premature death by more than 60%.

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Experts believe that ultramontane foods cause hunger and lead to obesity. Weight, in turn, is associated with heart problems and premature death.

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