Named possible ways to reconstruct the voice at home

Названы возможные способы восстановить голос в домашних условиях

How to restore the sound of your voice fast at home.

How to restore the voice, if he suddenly disappeared, and you can only vaguely sepeti and whisper, but nobody hears you? The problem is quite frequent in the cold season. But the way lost is. We’ll show you how to recover voice at home effectively and safely, reports the with reference to

Lost voice: the reasons for the problems

Aphonia or loss of voice may occur for different reasons. That and the hypothermia, and the specifics of the work related to the constant tension of the vocal cords, and loud singing or talking tough, and cold water, and cold, and laryngitis, and the consequences of some other disease.

Exhaled air passing through the vocal cords in our throat, makes them vibrate and sound like. For a normal sounding voice, it is important that our cords were healthy, and the mucosa of the larynx – well hydrated.

In this case, the folds vibrate and tightly closed, keeping the moisture. In the case of inflammation, overstretching or irritation of the vocal cords they may lose the ability of vibration, and that becomes the cause of partial or complete loss of voice.

How to restore the voice in a few days: treatments

To begin to give their vocal cords a chance to rest and recover. Do not strain them, and if you need to speak to Express himself with gestures, write on paper and only in extreme cases – go to a whisper.

To restore water balance and return the ligaments necessary moisture, drink plenty of fluids during the day. The drink should be neither cold nor too hot. Optimally warm temperature of the liquid. It can be broth, teas and infusions for medicinal plants – chamomile, thyme, mint, plantain, ginger, lemon.

Also, it is useful to rinse, especially in the case of a cold. Take an equal pinch of chamomile flowers, calendula and eucalyptus leaves – the total volume of 1 tablespoon. Pour it in a thermos Cup boiling water, wrap and let stand 30-40 minutes. Then strain and gargle with warm infusion throat twice a day.

A good way to quickly restore the voice is the honey, in that case, if he has no allergies. In a warm beverage add a little honey to taste, stir and drink in small SIPS, like lubricating the throat.

Helps with hoarseness eggnog: mashed with sugar and egg yolk with a piece of butter.

To restore the voices fit the inhalation of hot steam, but be careful not to burn yourself. The steam moisturizes the throat and speeds up the healing process.

The air in the room where you are, it’s important to keep moist. Dry, dusty, warm air irritates the vocal cords, giving them the ability to recover faster.

At the time of regeneration of voice avoid eating spicy, salty, and extreme hot and cold food.

Also limit consumption of coffee, chocolate, green tea, Cola, and alcohol. Cigarette smoke negatively affects the ligaments, and because the recovery time of the vote, refrain from Smoking and try not to be in dusty and smoky areas, so as not to irritate.

The doctors called causes of bags under the eyes

If your voice is not restored for a long time or you don’t know the reason why he disappeared, you should consult a doctor.

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