Named finalists Ukraine in the Eurovision song contest: who can represent the country

Названы финалисты Украины на Евровидение: кто сможет представлять страну

Finished selection for the Eurovision song contest. Became known, who will fight for the chance to represent Ukraine

9 February 2019 chose the top three finalists of the National selection for Eurovision-2019 the audience and the judges. The three entered: Brunettes Shoot Blondes, MARUV, YUKO.

Названы финалисты Украины на Евровидение: кто сможет представлять страну

Already soon Ukrainians will have an opportunity to see eight participants who are ready to represent Ukraine at Eurovision-2019. In the list of predstaviteley Ukraine wygle takme ispolniteli:The Hypnotunez with the song “Hey”, LETAY with the song “Mila Moya”, VERA KEKELIA with the song “WOW”, Zesco with the song “Hate”, YUKO with the song “GALYNA GULIALA”, Maruv with the song “For you” Brunettes Shoot Blondes with the song “Houston”, BAHROMA with the song “Nazavzhdi-Forever.” But the victory in the first semi-final only three.

Members of the jury of the National selection in 2019 appointed Jamal, Andrei Danilko and Evgeni Filatov, better known as The Maneken.

Earlier, former member of the band “Army” Faith Cecelia was heavily criticized by the jury after his performance in the national selection on competition “Eurovision-2019″— the room smacked of lethargy.

One of the women candidates for delegate from Ukraine to the popular international music contest “Eurovision-2019” Faith Cecelia literally “drugged” by the jury.

The ex-vocalist of the musical group “the ARMY” on stage sang a song that could unobtrusive background sound at cocktail parties.

That Faith has a fairly strong and well-modulated voices – is beyond doubt.

Названы финалисты Украины на Евровидение: кто сможет представлять страну

However, in order to position yourself as the best Ukrainian singer for Eurovision in the composition of the ability of the singer was revealed very little.

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Andrey Danilko, who closely watched statement of Faith Cecelia did not endorse the statement, stating that he wishes to be good, he believes that for the scale of the Eurovision song contest this statement objectively does not fit.

We will remind that the lawyer Lorak told about the division of property and parental rights.

As reported Politeka, Ani Lorak caused pity because of his appearance: “Time to finish with beauty shots”.

Also Politeka wrote that Lazarev traded Lorak on the young blonde beauty.

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