Named drink, which is absolutely contraindicated for people with hypertension

Назван напиток, который категорически противопоказан людям с гипертонией

Self-medication for serious diseases such as hypertension can cause completely opposite effect, experts say, instead of reducing high blood pressure you can earn a hypertensive crisis.

An example of achieving such a result was an elderly resident of Canada, who decided to support your body tea containing licorice root extract. After daily use of this drink for two weeks, the loonie was in intensive care, reports the with reference on Voice.

He was diagnosed with acute hypertensive crisis. The man found that I was feeling bad from the very beginning of the day, the headaches became a daily torment, and when he started to have severe swelling of the feet and photophobia, canadian finally went to doctors.

Doctors found that taking tea with licorice led to the fact that men started to refuse kidney, his blood pressure jumped to 210 mm Hg and is not reduced below 180 mm.

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According to experts, high doses of licorice root don’t help reduce high blood pressure, but rather enhance it. This also applies to some other concoctions of herbs that patients use for self-treatment hypertension.

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