Named consequences arising from chronic fatigue

Названы последствия, возникающие при хроническом переутомлении

Fatigue is a disease.

Fatigue officially recognized disease. Scientists say that from the constant stress and excitement affects two-thirds of people in the world, and Ukrainians are no exception, reports the with reference to Toneto.

How to distinguish normal fatigue from a chronic illness?

Insomnia, lack of appetite and constant nervousness. Most often, stress affects those who are constantly working with people – teachers, doctors, counselors and journalists. And in the list of most stress – sellers, social workers, firemen, pilots and people of creative professions. Sometimes it is emotions that are the impetus of many diseases – by up to stomach ulcers, bronchial asthma and cardiophobia.

According to the new International classification of diseases, overwork officially related to list of diseases. Psychologists advise: in order not to suffer from burnout, do not overload yourself mentally. And balance the brain and muscles. Therefore, experts recommend mandatory to enter into your life physical activity.

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Often the same causes of stress at work conflicts with the leadership team and toxic. Then with the dismissal don’t delay. This you will save your nerves and save you from a serious ailment.

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