Name of the first participant of Eurovision-2022 became known

The name of the first participant of Eurovision-2022 has become known

Just a few months ago, the Eurovision Song Contest died down, which this year took place despite the pandemic and strict quarantine, and now the first news about the next contest.

How it is known that the next Eurovision will be held in 2022 in Italy, thanks to the victory of the group M & aring; neskin with the song “ Zitti e buoni ''. It is known that 30 countries have already confirmed their participation in the competition.

And now the name of the first participant of Eurovision -2022 has already been announced. It is 20-year-old J & eacute; r & eacute; mie Makiese, who will represent Belgium. The singer is already quite famous in his country, because he became the winner of the song show The Voice Belgique 2021.

The artist is from Antwerp, and has moved to different cities several times. From an early age he was fond of football. At the age of 13, he started playing football in the youth team of FC Brussels. He currently plays as a goalkeeper for the Royal Excelsior club. In addition to his football career, he also studied geology.

His singing career began in the school choir. In 2020, he took part in the Belgian competition The Voice, where he became the winner in 2021.

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