Naked husband ran after the head of Moskompriroda, and she fought back with a frying pan

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 A naked husband was running after the head of the Moskompriroda, and she fought back with a frying pan< /p>

The Baza channel told a story about the life of the Moscow elites.

The deputy head of the Mospriroda was beaten in Moscow. At home, the woman was attacked by her husband, the former head of the security service of the Russian University of Transport.

The first serious conflict in the family of Vera Strukova occurred back in May. Then her husband Anton got drunk, became furious and beat his wife. She called the police, recorded the injuries, but did not write a statement. A week later, she completely forgave her husband and returned to him.

But six months later, everything happened again. According to Strukova, in early October, Anton got drunk, started running around the house naked and bullying her with her daughter. The woman again called the police — this time Anton was taken to the department. There, according to her, her husband continued to behave boorishly: he filmed his wife on video and morally humiliated her.

Strukova decided not to give a second chance: she wrote a statement to the police against her husband for beating her in May. The husband answered the same: he said that his wife had beaten him with a frying pan. In the end, the love boat crashed into everyday life: yesterday Strukova filed for divorce

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