Nail fungus. Prevention and treatment

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 Nail fungus. Prevention and treatment

So the summer is coming to an end – a fun time for beaches, swimming pools, meetings with friends and outdoor activities. However, all these joys are united by one “but”: the risk of infection with a nail fungus. Danger awaits us in many places: in public swimming pools and gyms, in baths and showers, in tight or improperly selected shoes, in hotels and even at home, if one of our relatives has already encountered this.

Recent studies have found that nail fungus is most often infected in the family, even if it consists of two people. The risk group includes people suffering from excessive sweating, flat feet, diabetes mellitus, obesity, who have a weakened immune system. Do not forget about the children – on the street, they crawl and climb somewhere all the time and, naturally, they can pick up a fungus, which is an increased risk factor for you, but not for themselves, since their nails grow much faster. To avoid infection, teach your children to wash their hands and feet thoroughly and follow simple hygiene rules.

Here they are: dry your feet only with your personal towel, don't share your nail tools when you visit, use your slippers, change your socks regularly, don't go barefoot in pools, saunas and common areas.

Following these rules will help protect yourself from the danger of contracting a nail fungus. And if they are neglected, a fungus often begins to develop. First, the nails become dull and rough, lose their luster, acquire a dirty yellow or whitish color. Further, the symptoms only get worse: the thickness of the nail plate increases, defects appear in the form of stripes and bends, an unpleasant odor, the nails exfoliate and crumble. Therefore, it is very important to take care of your health and start treatment at the first symptoms.

But even if a person follows these rules, the disease can still overtake him. Many begin to use folk remedies, nail polishes, which mask the problem, but do not get rid of it. The struggle can go on for years without success.
But now in Israel there is an innovative drug of a new generation “Drops for the treatment of fungus PROVEN by yullia”.

The product is the result of many years of work by specialists from various fields of medicine and practical research in the network of beauty salons yullia. Over the many years of the existence of the network, its professionals had to see a lot, and they wanted to really help people. Not to hide problems, but to cure them.

 Nail fungus. Prevention and treatment

The preparation contains natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, vitamin E, which have moisturizing, regenerating and cleansing properties. The formula also contains menthol, which normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands and absorbs excess sebum, reduces irritation and redness, and also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Tea tree oil is a unique strong natural antiseptic, normalizes oily skin, relieves it of local inflammatory processes. Eucalyptus oil promotes the natural renewal of skin cells, giving them a healthy look.

The drug has been approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health and the Israeli Diabetes Association. The product is produced in Jerusalem. The product has been clinically tested in the well-known international network of laboratories J.S. Hamilton, which specializes in microbiological and chemical research on food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc. As a result of the research, PROVEN drops received the official “Clinically Tested” mark. This product was not tested on animals during development and testing.

Who can benefit from Proven? Drops are suitable for anyone who has experienced a fungus or other problems of the nail plate, regardless of age and health status, the drug is absolutely safe for pregnant and lactating women, as well as diabetics.
And something special. If suddenly the tool does not help you – You will be refunded 100% of the amount. Of course, if you follow all the recommendations of application experts.

You can learn more about the drug, purchase it and get acquainted with the condition of a possible refund on the company's website in Russian

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