Nadia Dorofeeva Natalia Mogilevskaya remembered what was their acquaintance

For the second consecutive broadcast, participants “Voice. Diti-4” star impress coaches with their vocal abilities. So, last night the real struggle was over the 14-year-old Alexander Minenko from Kiev. Interestingly, Sasha is originally from Belarus, but recently, the family of the talented singer moved to the capital: the kid’s parents see in our country more opportunities for the singing career of his son. His performance of the Bruno Mars hit “Grenade” Sasha launched three coach seats, but chose the team of the group “Time and Glass”.

13-year-old Cassinia Boyko from the Black sea in the second edition of the “blind auditions” sang the coach of the project Natalia Mogilev “Free bird”. The girl turned the chair Monatik, and Natalia in response to sensory performance, unable to restrain his emotions and openly told the story of the creation of the hit:

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“I’m always very excited when you sing my songs. In the program “Chance” was a guy, Peter Dmitrichenko, who dedicated to me the incredible song “I boevomu without you.” It I liked it so much that I wanted to use the response to write something very bright Ukrainian language”, – said Natalia. In turn, Nadia Dorofeeva barely restrained emotion, sitting in a red chair, because, as it turned out, she participated in the same program:

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“Natasha, don’t know if you remember, but that day Peter Dmitrichenko sang against me,” admitted Nadia.

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We will remind, in the second issue the largest number of participants was in command of the group “Time and Glass”: Alexander Minenok, Orestes Makarenko, Veronica Black and Egor throat. Meanwhile, the team Monatik supplemented girls Cassinia Boyko and Vladislava Smolyanoy. And Natalia Mogilev became the star coach Maria Ermakova, Anna kaliuzhna and Lisa Yakovenko. So, the team “Time and Glass” less than 5 available seats in Monatik – 7, Natalia Mogilev – 4.

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