Nadia Dorofeeva lit appetizing buttocks on beach photo

Надя Дорофєєва засвітила апетитні сідниці на пляжному фото

Nadia Dorofeeva
/ instagram

Seductive Ukrainian singer Nadya Dorofeeva together with her husband Vladimir Dantes went on vacation to the Dominican Republic, where shares with fans spicy images. This time the hottie to please subscribers the first hot beach photo.

Visit Nadia Dorofeeva in Instagram appeared spectacular photos in a revealing swimsuit. So, for fresh, attractive photo girl posing on the beach against the sea and palm trees, the beautiful woman turned her back to the camera. A plunging bathing suit allows you to admire the supple buttocks of a star.

“The second day. I’m still in the morning doing exercises,” commented a photo of Dorofeyeva.

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