Nablus: Missiles fired at terrorists' house

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 Shechem: Missiles fired at terrorists' house

According to reports in the Palestinian media, last night the IDF carried out a large-scale operation to apprehend terrorists in Nablus.

The terrorist's house was surrounded, and everyone in he was ordered to leave the building.

During the skirmish with the terrorists, according to the Palestinians, rockets were fired at the house. The house has been destroyed. The IDF left Nablus at the end of the operation.

The aim of the operation was to arrest the terrorists and confiscate the terrorists. The YAMAM special forces and the fighters of the Givati ​​brigade took part in it. LAW and Matador rockets were fired at the terrorists' house.

During the assault on the house, other terrorists opened fire from the roofs of the surrounding houses in the Old City of Shechem. The soldiers, however, were ready for this and returned fire.

As a result of the operation, a large number of weapons and explosives were confiscated.

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