Myths about Valentine’s Day: why Saint was not the patron Saint of lovers

Міфи про День Валентина: чому святий не був покровителем закоханих

The legend of St. Valentine is not true

Every year 14th February is celebrated Valentine’s Day. However, in the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (PCU) note that in reality, Saint Valentine has nothing to do with this widespread tradition and is the patron Saint of lovers, as is commonly believed.

In recent years, Ukrainians actively celebrate Valentine’s Day: buy and hand each other gifts, or Valentines, decorate public places red and pink paraphernalia. However, it is pure Commerce, but the religious background to celebrate really.

In ptsu emphasize that the Church honors several saints with the name Valentine. It is likely that Saint, who is mentioned in popular culture 14th of February is known in the Church calendar as St. Valentine InterSKY (Italic). He lived in the Italian city of Terni in the third century and was executed 269 years.

Міфи про День Валентина: чому святий не був покровителем закоханих

All saints who made the feat to 1054 in Western Europe, that is, before the division into Western and Eastern Church, is a revered Orthodox saints. Therefore, the memory of St. Valentine is celebrated in the Catholic and in the Orthodox tradition, but on different dates: Catholic I remember its the 14th of Feb (but not in the General calendar, where the day honored the saints Cyril and Methodius, and in “Roman martirolog”, wherein the local memory); Orthodox – 12th August.

In addition, the holiday that is usually celebrated February 14 as Valentine’s day, actually does not correspond to the facts of real life Valentine’s. According to one popular legend, St. Valentine “married couples, despite a ban on the cruel Emperor Claudius II.” Supposedly the ruler believed that men, not having wives and children will be the best warriors.

However, this legend contains a significant error in the chronology of events, because during the life of St. Valentine in the third century still existed the special Church wedding ceremony. The Church considered the marriage legal, which was under the civil laws, and which was fixed by Christians through mutual communion and announcements to members of the community.

Міфи про День Валентина: чому святий не був покровителем закоханих

It is also worth noting that Pope gelase canonized Saint Valentine in 496 year and gave it a day of remembrance of the 14th of February. This was probably done in order to supplant a pagan feastthat was celebrated in Rome in those days, and was accompanied by sacrifices in honor of fertility and motherhood. Therefore popular culture, in fact, joined memory of a Christian Saint with the pagan motifs that were common previously, and subsequently turned it is also in Commerce, prompting them to buy gifts.

“We urge you to devote true Love every day, showing it to others in their good deeds, instead of giving symbolic material gifts once a year. The Apostle Paul in the First Epistle to the Corinthians says, “Love never fails, though prophecies will cease, and tongues will cease and knowledge will vanish” (1 Cor. 13: 8). So dolosa to that Love and we, without waiting for “special” dates on the calendarthat are installed with questionable reasons”, – summed up in ptsu.

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