Mysterious deaths of officials in the Russian Federation continue: this time – fell out of the window

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 Mysterious deaths of officials in Russia continue: this time - fell out of the window

Reports continue to come in Russia of “mysterious” deaths of officials associated with the Russian Army.

This time it became known that the head of the financial department of the Western Command of the Russian Army, Marina Yankina, “fell out” from the window of the 16th floor in St. Petersburg.

The mysterious death of another official occurred against the backdrop of the failure of the Russian military in Vugledar and heavy combat losses during the war in Ukraine.

According to Meduza, Yankina's body was found on Wednesday. Before she was in the Western command, she worked in the Kremlin's federal tax service.

Prior to her, a number of military-related deaths of officials were reported. For example, in the same week, the deputy head of the main department for combating extremism, General Vladimir Makarov, was found dead. He had a gunshot wound to the head. Remarkably, Russian media immediately began to spread the version of suicide.

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