Mysterious cats live on Everest

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Everest is the highest point on our planet. Its height is 8,849 meters above sea level, so scientists were surprised to find that cats live on the highest mountain, writes SciTechDaily.

The study began back in 2019 and was led by Dr. member of the Wildlife Conservation Society's Zoological Health Program at the Bronx Zoo.

Together with colleagues, she went on an expedition to study the Sagarmatga National Park on the southern slope of Mount Everest. Then, scientists collected environmental samples at two sites located at an altitude of 5110 and 5190 meters above sea level.

According to Simon, they could not have imagined that among the collected samples there would be evidence that rare cats live on Everest. The researchers note that their expedition lasted four weeks and became extremely interesting not only for the team, but also for the scientific community as a whole, because it sheds light on local biodiversity.

Scientists note that the discovery of the cat on Everest brings new insights into the ecosystem of this high mountain system, and also significantly expands the known range of this species in eastern Nepal. of excrement collected on Everest, and came to the conclusion that at least two manuls live on top of the world, and their territories intersect with the habitat of the red fox.

In addition, the DNA of pikas and mountain weasels, which are known to scientists to be an important link in the cat's food chain.

In addition, scientists note that the confirmation that manuls live on Everest gives researchers the opportunity to expand the list of known mammals living in the national Sagarmatga Park, which is a protected World Heritage site.

It seems interesting for researchers that the manuls living here managed to go unnoticed until 2019 year.

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