My wife’s uncle Zhora revealed a family secret on February 14: “it happened on the balcony”

Жена дяди Жоры раскрыла семейную тайну на 14 февраля: "Все случилось на балконе"

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Natalia Mickovska, nutritionist, and part — wife of entertainer and comedian Uncle Jim told his story of love

In his Instagram, a popular nutritionist told a romantic story of how a beloved husband made her an offer of marriage, reports Clutch.

“We met 2 years. And in the end I started to podkalivat (at the time I was 21 and honestly, at that time, thought that already, just very time married. Sat on the shelf… At 21. I’m a man in life who can not hide anything! If I do not like something I have written it on the face. A few weeks hinted, then said that was tired of riding, the uncertainty, two years was celebrated — if that’s love, it’s time to make a decision, if not to disperse. And out of the car. Bold and decisive, the night really crying, of course”

Жена дяди Жоры раскрыла семейную тайну на 14 февраля: "Все случилось на балконе"

“In the morning my friend and her boyfriend went to the Park for the whole day. Roasted sausages, drank wine “the Monastic log Hut”. Phones then was not yet, and I had decent to run to the phone box to call home to ask mom or Vadim called. And he didn’t call”.

“Later that evening, I returned home, I was not looking, and the idea was another… And suddenly the night came to me without warning: I’m happy as an elephant was, but the image kept, trying. We talked, everything was fine. Men, their brain works differently….”

“And it’s been a couple of days, we have Easter. We sat my grandmother, and Vadim had to the office, “Three fat men”. We stopped, looking at the wall chart weddings — then the team without exception all married and in late June, the entry — “George wedding”. I got a shock. We go out on the balcony, and Vadim makes me an offer. Just beautiful words on the radio at that time played the song Hands in the air “Sun you my clear.” But no ring, and I wanted to do a movie…

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It turns out last week Vadim, too, was slightly in the way, because I decided to take this step, consulted with the Pope. That is, we took this important decision, but to say, to make a step forward afraid.

Жена дяди Жоры раскрыла семейную тайну на 14 февраля: "Все случилось на балконе"

And then there was a bright, cheerful wedding for 250 people. It was a lot of dancing, humor, traditions: bride stole, veil picked off three times, the scarf was tied with the mother danced.

All love, she is the right to life”? — wished at the end of Natalia.

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