“My son died in 1994, but his heart was beating until 2017″(photo)

Seven-year-old American Nicholas green, who was on vacation with my parents in Italy, was shot and killed by a criminal error.

"Мій син помер в 1994, але його серце билося до 2017"(фото)

"Мій син помер в 1994, але його серце билося до 2017"(фото)

In September 1994, seven-year-old American Nicholas green, who was on vacation with my parents in the South of Italy, was shot and killed by a criminal error. His death was a tragedy for the parents Reg and Maggie green, reports Rus.Media.

Reggie and Maggie allowed to give the bodies of the deceased son, for transplantation, and this decision has produced amazing results in Italy. The number of organ donors in Italy for the next 10 years has increased three times. Later this phenomenon has been called “the Nicholas effect”.

Night race

“I sensed danger when the rear was attached the machine is dark in colour and some time passed over us – says reg green that night, when his son was inexplicably shot and killed complete strangers.

“Soon the car went to overtake, and I relaxed, thinking that actually nothing terrible happened,” he says.

However, instead of having to complete the overtaking car passed them. Reg and Maggie heard a loud swearing. They decided that the people in the car want to stop.

“I thought that if we stop, we find ourselves completely at their mercy. So I hit the gas. They – too. Started the night race. Then the rear window smashed a bullet. Maggie turned around, but the kids seem to sleep”.

"Мій син помер в 1994, але його серце билося до 2017"(фото)

Reg green in the Alps with Elanor and Nicholas

But actually it was much worse. Elinor really slept peacefully, but Nicholas was shot in the head. After a few seconds a shot was smashed and the driver’s glass, after which the attackers left.

“I stopped the car and got out. Inside the lights are on, but Nicholas didn’t move. I looked and saw that his tongue protruded slightly from his mouth and on his chin the traces – it is clear that he threw up,” recalls green.

About the events he wrote the book “the Nicholas Effect”. The book formed the basis of the 1998 film “the Gift of Nicholas”, which was played by Jamie Lee Curtis and Alan Bates.

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“Only then we realized that something terrible has happened. The shock that I experienced was the most terrifying moment of my life.”

A family vacation turned into a nightmare. Nicholas fell into a coma and several days later died in hospital.

However, before that, his parents made a decision that radically changed the lives of several families throughout Italy. They agreed to an organ transplant son eligible patients.

“At that moment it was like abstract people. We had no idea who they are. This is to give money to charity, not knowing what they will go. Four months later we were invited to Sicily to meet, because the four people who received donor organs, lived there,” says green.

"Мій син помер в 1994, але його серце билося до 2017"(фото)

Second row left to right: reg green, Maggie green, Andrea Mongiardo, Francesco Mondello, Tino Motta, Anna Maria di Ceglie, Eleanor green. First row: Laura Greene, Maria Pia Pedala, Domenica Galletta, Sylvia Chiampi, Martin green

Who received organs Nicholas?

  • Andrea Mongiardo: heart, died in 2017
  • Francesco Mondello: the cornea of the eye
  • Tino Motta: kidney
  • Anna Maria di Ceglie: kidney
  • Maria Pia Pedala: liver
  • Domenica Galletta: cornea
  • Sylvia Chiampi: pancreas probably died a few years ago

According to green, the criminals in Italy rarely kill children, because the police particularly aggressively looking for these murderers.

That is what happened in the case of the murderers of Nicholas. A thorough investigation resulted in the arrest and conviction of two Italians, Francesco and Michele, Mesiano Iannello.

Still remains a mystery, that it was a robbery attempt or an assassination in which the perpetrators got the wrong car.

However, the fact that one of the criminals used the services of one of the best Italian lawyers, shows, according to Greene, that the killers were associated with the mafia.

“The murder of a seven year old American boy in a country where death from the hands of the offender – is not uncommon, forced the Italians to think deeply,” wrote the Times.

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According to green, many Italians felt the shame of what their country so killed an innocent boy, came to rest. And partly the idea of the atonement prompted them to begin to donate their organs.

"Мій син помер в 1994, але його серце билося до 2017"(фото)

Andrea Mongiardo (center left), who received the heart of Nicholas, in this photograph 1987 in Milan with his cousins and sisters

“What we showed them how much good you can bring in so doing, gave an incredible effect, which could not be foreseen. A country that occupied one of last places in Europe for organ donation, in a short time increased almost to the top of the table. In no other country, the number of donor contributions had not increased in three times.”

If in 1993, a year before the death of Nicholas, on average only 6.2 per million man gave permission for the removal of organs, by 2006 this figure had increased to 20 per million inhabitants.

"Мій син помер в 1994, але його серце билося до 2017"(фото)

Square Nicholas Greene in Cassino is one of many places in Italy that bears his name

The name Nicholas continues to live

In total, Italy more than 120 places named in honor of Nicholas Greene:

  • 50 squares and streets
  • 27 parks and gardens
  • 27 schools
  • 16 other monuments and structures, including a bridge, an amphitheater and even a lemon tree

"Мій син помер в 1994, але його серце билося до 2017"(фото)

Cat garden in Turin is also dedicated to Nicholas

Reg was not ready to meet face-to-face with all the people whose lives and whose health was saved by the bodies of his son.

“When the doors opened, and these six were included, the effect was stunning – he recalls. (In fact, benefitted from the organ to the seven, but one person couldn’t come due to illness). Some of them smiled, someone was in tears, who was shy, but most importantly, they were all alive. Because most of them were on the verge of death, – reg.- Only then for the first time I came to realize how important it is”.

“I also thought, what a blow would be for parents, and it became clear that it involved far more people whose lives are impoverished if failed to save.”

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Reg and his wife Maggie decided that their daughter Elinor should not grow one, and gave birth to twins, Laura and Martin, who turns 21 in may.

“Of course, in my heart dwelt a sadness that wasn’t there before – recognized green – and I will never be completely happy. Even when me very well, I think it would be better if Nicholas were with us.”

It calms only after effetto Nicholas effect Nicholas.

“I believe that every time this story comes out on the radio, appears in the newspaper or on TV, someone from the audience will take the right decision. After all, if they’ve never heard of and didn’t think about the donation, they might say “no.”

"Мій син помер в 1994, але його серце билося до 2017"(фото)

Reg with Mary, which a liver was transplanted to his son. 4 years after the surgery, she gave birth to a son named Nicholas

Twice a year reg green travels to Italy to tell people about the benefits of organ donation. During his recent visit he met Maria PIO Pedalo, who was in a coma that day when he killed Nicholas. She has liver failure. But soon after liver transplantation Nicholas she came to and got better.

Two years after this she married, and two years later gave birth to a boy, whom they named Nicholas.

Because before 1994, transplantation of donor organs in Sicily was almost unheard of.

Green says that even Andrea Mongiardo, who died this year, lived with the donor heart three times longer than its first owner.

"Мій син помер в 1994, але його серце билося до 2017"(фото)

The picture of Nicholas was taken in Switzerland a few days before the fatal shot

However, Larson green believes that his son’s legacy extends much further than the seven people received his organs.

Because the organ donation in Italy increased sharply after the death of Nicholas, in the country today are thousands of people who otherwise would be certain death.

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