My female teacher suffers from the series and asks if it will ever turn out well

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My female teacher suffers from the series and asks if it will ever turn out well

In the interview we ask, among other things:

  • What was his experience with writing criminals?

  • If corporal punishment is ever acceptable.

  • How much the stories correspond to reality.

  • What injuries did his children take from school.
  • If any part has a happy ending.

  • Who loses inhibitions at the word Vaculík.

In the series, you deal with bullying and other forms of physical and mental violence, difficult-to-manage students, unfortunate events, the failure to integrate children from problem areas. There are suicide, death, misfortune, desperate family situations. Now that I’ve seen photos from the shooting of documentaries from several interesting schools on your Facebook, where things work well, I was wondering if it’s not therapy for you.

Not that. Therapy only because of such a document (more about the documentary series below, editor’s note) I have a lot less work to do than we had with the show. The feature series is an awful lot of work. So awful that few on the outside can imagine it. I was not under the weight of negative emotions from the Defender’s stories, I lived with them for five years, it disintegrated, but it is a relief that it is done.

And that the series has good reviews?

Of course I’m happy. And most of all, that the series does not bring flocks to teachers and that no one predicts from us that we would despise or caricature the teaching profession. And then I’m very pleased that people have received exactly the kind of message we put into it. Because this is not the rule, the creators have their noble messages, but there is a lot to reach the audience.

What’s that message?

That the problems are complex and ambiguous. And viewers perceive it that way. And they also perceive the multiperspective we were talking about. That they first let themselves be convinced that it was somehow, but gradually, after lighting from several sides, they realized that it was different.

At the word Vaculík loses inhibitions

Your detective screenwriting erudition is simply evident in this – that is, also the erudition of your colleague Matěj Podzimek. But in the Male Affair section, I looked at the “right man and the guy” right away. And he also came out of it… how to say it and not be vulgar?

He twisted. Yeah. But also not unequivocal. Of course, from some perspective, let’s say a bastard, but at the same time, despite his character, we say that I have the male authority for schools.

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