«My daughter Teresa, force that surprised me. My legs gave out »- Corriere.it

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«My daughter Teresa, force that surprised me. My legs gave out »- Corriere.it

“Nothing stops pink, nothing stops women”. Many repeat it on Thursdays at Manzoni theater in Milan. The occasion: the appointment organized by the European Institute of Oncology, “Ieo for women”. Patients say this, sharing their stories of the fight against breast cancer. It also emphasizes this Jovanotti, special guest of the morning. The singer-songwriter tells how daughter Teresa Cherubini faced Hodgkin’s tumor who was diagnosed in July 2020. “My daughter noticed that she had a lymph node that hurt her” explains. After an initial examination, the suggestion to make further investigations to which the 22-year-old undergoes the Ieo. This leads to the diagnosis. From that moment «an adventure began that is lasted for six difficult months since last summer which ended well – says the singer -. Now the disease has disappeared and Teresa has resumed her school ».

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Jovanotti (with guitar) at the “Ieo for women”
Courage, hope and trust

Of the period of treatment spent between the Milan home and the Ieo, Jovanotti recalls: “My wife and Teresa have I faced this journey with a strength that surprised me. I thought I was the strong one in the group and instead I realized that my legs were giving out ». Tough months, which he now manages to look at «in a slightly more rational way. What I learned from a father is that these things are faced, with advanced and complex tools, one day at a time, with a goal ahead and looking to the future, with courage, hope and trust. These are three fundamental words, together with love ».

“Bella” and “Moonlight”

Then he picks up the guitar and sings a couple of his hits, “Bella” and “Chiaro di luna”. But the heart of the event are the testimonies of the patients and the invitations to prevention as he remembers Paolo Veronesi, director of the institute’s breast disease program and son of Umberto, founder of the Ieo. «It is an emotion to re-propose the event after two and a half years of stop – he says -. The capacity in the room is small, but the energy of these women also fills the empty chairs. There are those who experience the disease at an advanced stage, those who discovered it early. Some speak of new beginnings and interests. It is also a great achievement to be able to fight resignation that previously accompanied the tumor ». Many young patients on stage. “For this reason it is important to anticipate prevention – for Veronesi – and to carry out the first checks from the age of 30 if there have already been cases in the family”.

The Covid effect on screening

The period of the pandemic has had an impact on screening activities. “Now it is necessary to do even more than before.” And explore other frontiers, as he says Manuelita Mazza, medical oncologist of the Division of Medical Breast Medicine. “Social networks can be used to listen to the unexpressed needs of patients – he explains -, to direct them and give the right advice in case of “soft” problems. Or they can be used for pharmacovigilance. They are a resource ».

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7 October 2021 | 13:10


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