My brother Nayem again stole the motorcycle. Video

У брата Найема вновь угнали мотоцикл. Видео

Limited edition Suzuki GSX-R stood in the Parking lot of the office at Vvedenskaya street, 4, Kyiv.

Lawyer Masi Nayem, brother of people’s Deputy Mustafa Nayem, again stole the motorcycle. Limited edition Suzuki GSX-R was stolen from the Parking lot in front of the office of legal company Nayem, transfers the Internet edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

“The guys came up to three nights, looked. Then he departed and came to 03.50 and rolled it. My mistake that the arrival did not block drive”, — said Masi Nayem in Facebook.

Masi Nayyem called on the kidnappers to return the bike, as it limited edition and it has its own room. So just sell it at the thieves did not succeed.

“This is a limited edition Suzuki GSX-R. so my advice to you. Return the motorcycle today. I will find who stole it and where it was taken. And who was trying to sell. There’s even a video with four cameras. Just like to steal will not work. Better find a way just to return. I really just suggest”, said Hiring.

Gepostet von Masi Nayyem am Montag, 27. Mai 2019

He later said that the bike still found. “Near the scene of the theft. The cut wire. Drilled out the ignition lock,” wrote the lawyer.

Motorcycle found. Near the scene of the theft. The cut wire. Drilled out the ignition. Thank you very much to these guys…

Gepostet von Masi Nayyem am Dienstag, 28. Mai 2019

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It is worth noting that this is the second theft of a bike from Masi. The first time he stole a motorcycle brand Honda with white color in may 2018 under the building of court of appeal.

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