Mustache boasted dorogostoyaschie purchase: “somebody fotkat in the trenches”

Усик похвастался доргостоящей покупкой: "а кто-то фоткается в окопах"

Oleksandr Usyk purchased a car and reported it to the social network

The absolute world champion Ukrainian Alexander Usik (15-0, 11 KO’s) got a new car. Photos new clothes boxer posted in Instagram.

In the photo, the Mustache posing against the backdrop of the Lexus LX.

Усик похвастался доргостоящей покупкой: "а кто-то фоткается в окопах"

“The long-awaited obnalichka”, — signed photo of the Tendril.

“Congratulate !!! You deserve it!”, “Lunokhod-goal !!!! Let him serve !!!”, “We are delighted for you, well done, earned with sweat and blood!”, “Well done. Decent selection, Decent man “,” Pozdrovlyayu.and I want this “,” Champion … car Champions “,” Welcome great taste and choice) car fire! “,” Hello, can you say one of the last vomited. Soon a new just can’t buy, Hello again! “,” Excellent horse! Let on good roads carries his master! Only in this Japanese horse hooves have radius more “, — is written by those who congratulate the athletes.

There were those who congratulated Mustache, and was disappointed. that so much money was spent on the toy. Readers will have noticed that could be spent on more useful things.

“Someone podaetsya in the trenches and someone who boasts a car” “it is Important that money and star-struck tower is not demolished”, “Better the money to help Fund someone there gave and boasted a wheelbarrow,” write others.

Усик похвастался доргостоящей покупкой: "а кто-то фоткается в окопах"

Earlier it was reported that a leading British promoter Eddie Hearn is planning to organize one day with a bout of the absolute world champion in the heavyweight Alexander Usik another fight the winner of the world Boxing series.

Undefeated British boxer Callum Smith became the absolute world champion in the second Middleweight in 2018.

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The next battle of the Mustache should be held in may 18, 2019 in Chicago, on this day, the promoter is planning to organize a championship event featuring the winners of the two WBSS.

Recall came out spectacular promotional video of the legendary battle of the Moustache — Belle.

As reported Politeka, Moustache publicly humiliated Bellew: the Big dummy.

Also Politeka wrote that the young boxer is knocked down and killed a mother of three children, his reaction is amazing.

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