Musk's ex-girlfriend put up for auction a photo of a billionaire in his youth

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 Musk's ex-girlfriend auctioned a photo of a billionaire in her youth < /p>

Unprecedented photos of Elon Musk were put up for auction at RR Auctions by the ex-girlfriend of the billionaire, 48-year-old Jennifer Gwynn. They date back to 1994, according to NDTV.

Both were in their 20s at the time and were attending the University of Pennsylvania, according to the Independent report. Gwynn auctions off photographs to raise funds for his son's education. According to her, the relationship lasted a year. She currently lives in South Carolina, USA.

The photos she put up for auction show Musk having fun on campus, lying in his room with friends and working at his computer. The minimum bet for most of them starts at $100.

According to Gwynn, their romance was “sweet, but not too tender.” The couple's relationship fell apart when Musk moved to Palo Alto in 1995. Then he started dating his first wife, Justine Wilson.

“We met in the fall of 1994. They lived in the same hostel and worked together. At first I was drawn to his shy nature. He used to be my type. Musk was very busy, very focused on his studies. At the time, he was always talking about electric vehicles. He was definitely up to something. He just saw school as a stepping stone,” Gwynn said.

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