Music project Eric was a commercial I made” singer candidly about the relationship with the ex-producer

Ukrainian singer – about changing stage image, relationships with humorist Sergey Sereda and his “fresh” Ukrainian music.

"Музичний проект Еріка був комерційним, в ньому я себе не знайшла" - співачка відверто про стосунки з екс-продюсером

At the end of 2015 Anastasia Kochetova start a creative life with a clean slate. Seven years, the audience knew her as Erica. After completion of the contract with producer Sergei Kuzin, the singer performs under the pseudonym MamaRika. Changed not only the stage name but also the repertoire. If earlier personal life tried to keep secret, it is now: two years living in a happy civil marriage with the leader of the team of KVN “Odessa Mansi”, entertainer, actor and presenter Sergey Sereda, reports Rus.Media.

That resulted in the rupture of the cooperation with Mr. Kuzin? Why your creativity start from scratch? As the love triangle was resolved in her favor? This in an exclusive interview MamaRika said “EOI”.

— Anastasia, for what reasons the conflict started with producer Sergey Kuzin?

Conflict was not. We parted without scandals. The contract ended and I decided not to continue. Joint music project had no prospects. I was distant from the music offered Sergey. And the songs I wanted to sing, I, the producer of “not seen” and didn’t know how to sell them.

— Why change your stage name to MamaRika?

Is the stage name of Eric belonged to the producer, since the existence of the musical TV project “star Factory”, in which I participated. The producer put before the fact: or redeem his nickname and repertoire, or be left with nothing. I chose the latter. Didn’t want to drag behind a trail of “pop” past. It is pointless to spend money on music that does not bring moral satisfaction.

— In what is now the relationship with the ex-producer?

— In neutral. He removed me from friends on Facebook (laughs). My repertoire has changed dramatically. Finally sing the songs that are loved from childhood, but many years have not had the opportunity to meet them. Music project Eric was a commercial, and the project MamaRika – my soul. In it I present. The main creative producer of the project MamaRika – I, Executive – my husband Sergey Sereda, producer – Vanya Klymenko. We have a creative tandem: writing music, Ivan. Together to create the arrangements. 90% of our van with the author’s music – in his debut musical album “Quality”.

— A lot of Ukrainian singers are eager to participate in the Christmas musical programs

— I don’t sing pop music to appear in “blue lights”. After the New year prezentowania video for the song “Walk the Guys To the Girls,” which, in the opinion of listeners and media managers, is a potential hit. Start creativity tour in support of the album “Image”. 14 December will be my first solo concert under his stage name MamaRika.

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— A few years ago you said, “My personal life is taboo.” Now Sergey Wednesday called the “gift of life”

Two years ago we together with Sergei was supposed to be a program on the music channel. The program is already not working, but still grateful of the channel and its management for this meeting. Our personal relations with Sergey began in Odessa, his hometown. To meet me off the train had a girl that Sergei sketched eye. Come to the station with nobody there to meet me. Call Sergei. Came and helped to settle in the hotel, showed Odessa.

Word for word, is found, has long sympathized with each other, but between us was a “competitor”, the same girl who met me on the platform. Then he said this “lady”: “the Best thing you could do is meet me at the station”.

— Sergei caught your attention?

— When I left the producer, Sergey is the first extended a helping hand. “Do not worry – reassured. Together all survive.” If then I is not morally supported, I don’t know, would be able to begin life with a clean slate.

Sergey is my rock. Our life on wheels: I on the road or on, it. Occasionally get the opportunity to go somewhere together. Officially we’re not married. But we are one family. To understand this, do not have to put a stamp in the passport. As for me Sergei for the last three years, did much of no man in my life. I know firsthand how hard it is without external support to build a solo career.

— The path to the big stage you have paved for yourself. Because of failures experienced depression. But managed to gather strength and has repeatedly won prestigious music competitions, even in America. You offered to stay in Hollywood. Why refused?

— When I was 14 without any Dating I won a competition “Chervona Ruta”, believed: here is the Firebird, in my hands. Later I realized: maybe flutter. It just happened. On “Factory of stars-1” my vocals are not appreciated. Not got “under standard”.

There vocal were not a benchmark for victory. An important criterion was appearance, sexuality, ability to apply themselves. I was in such a “ugly duckling”. It is naive to believe that the jury in the foreground and vocal ability, and in response I heard: “You sing well, but do not come to us”. Why is not explained.

— But after your vocals praised by the famous American producers.

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— It is pleasant that in the TV project “American chance” in Hollywood my singing appreciated artists of world level: Stevie wonder, Brian McKnight, actor Eric Roberts. Surprised that “white girl singing black music.” In fact, jazz singing since childhood. “Don’t miss this singer, said the producers. She is Ukrainian nugget”. I, as an artist, and instilled hope. Even Hollywood designers have proposed a cooperation. However, after the completion of the project I returned home.

— Faced with the fact that in the native state of your vocal abilities weren’t needed

— Someone just had to work: a waitress, a Manager, a singer in restaurants, night clubs. On borrowed money, rented an apartment in Lviv, which was clothed in “second-hand”. Barely survived. Nerves were stretched like the strings. Felt humiliated, worthless, depressed. Because during the show, you “star”, and when the project ends, not every young artist has the ability and the strength to build a creative career.

Managed to pull myself together. Teacher Bogdan Stefura, whose team used to sing, helped to open a vocal Studio. Young people had accumulated so much that the Studio has become the formation. Then convinced that the Lord gives to him who knocks at the door

and on the “star Factory-3” steel star

— Got there by accident. The contest was supposed to enter my student. She did not come, and his chance I experienced – this is not a random accident. I think God rewarded me for the unjust suffering and ordeals. Now my creative and personal life has changed radically.

— You once said: “do not work with women. They are smarter, tasks, more devious than men.” Opinion has changed?

— No, his opinions do not change. Where a lot of women, there are many problems. Feel more comfortable working with men. I am impressed by their cynicism, rationalism. The only woman in my team and concert Manager. The girl with the character, by the way, as I do. And yet stylist. With her I can be “girl” (laughs). Repeatedly burned by friendship with women. The woman in the woman sees a competitor. A good attitude to the fair sex. However, trust only the mother, older sister and grandmother.

– Do you have friends?

In school I had a friend. But when I stood up the whole class (with me no one was talking), she switched to their side. It was the first major betrayal in my life.

Classmates thought I was too proud and arrogant. I don’t suffer because of this. It was a transitional age which had to go through. I was often betrayed by friends. Left when most needed their support.

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— Talked to the parents about the conflict with classmates?

— Had a serious conversation with my mom. She taught me: “In such situations, the cause first of all look at yourself. People need to learn to talk. Ask each classmate why he went against you.” I asked. And I realized: mom was right. It was my fault that the conflict started because behaved with peers challenging. I changed my behavior and attitude is normal. Subsequently even became the first defender of his class.

Your mother, apparently, a good psychologist?

— My parents are psychologists. I was raised by my word. Mom said, “You’re an adult and should be able to answer for their actions. There is no problem that cannot be solved by dialogue.” Parents lifted me in my own eyes. “You’re the best,” said. These words inspired faith in myself. And I don’t satawalese, after the praise focused on the shortcomings of, say, going to work on ourselves – to succeed. Mom, by the way, comes from Ivano-Frankivsk, a father from Chelyabinsk. Met in Odessa (as Sergei). My sister and I were born in the Lviv region.

— Your family has artists?

— I’m first (laughs). In our house was “branded” Western tunes. The mother, like grandmother – pure soprano. “What the Conservatory, said the relatives of my grandmother when she was going to do. And the economy who will deal?”. Her dream never came true. Mom was also not implemented in the art. She was delighted when a music school teacher in Chervonograd Lidia called and praised me: “gifted Child, her singing talent should be developed”.

I like to joke, they say, the childhood I never had. Every day was painted by the minute: dance, music, vocals, English, contests, festivals… would Wake at dawn and returning home late in the evening. In fourteen music scored – wanted a break from her. And two years later realized: I want to do professional work.

— Did you show business?

— Become more responsible, confident, tough, pragmatic. Now without the ability to predict the next step does not. In my team only adult men. Itself is suited to solving problems like a man. The only way in show business viboras self-respect and become a full partner.

I have too strong sense of justice. Don’t build a career, pushing competitors with their elbows. Try not to be jealous. Born in the year of the Snake, and she never attacks first. And if hurt touches my “I” – “I’ll bite” in response. At home, I’m feminine, loving, sensitive… Share the concept of “home” and “work.”

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