Muscovites will be able to choose the name of a new unique highway

 Muscovites will be able to choose the name of the new unique highway

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin spoke about a project that has no analogues in the country to create a high-speed diameter that will connect the south and north of the capital. On his personal blog site, the mayor suggested that they come up with a name for the new highway together.

According to Sobyanin, the construction of two off-street highways of the South-Eastern and North-Eastern chords, which will create a new transport artery of the city, is at the final stage. noted the mayor.

According to him, the route will stretch from the Simferopol highway to the toll highway to St. Petersburg and will have a branch to Nekrasovka. The working name of the new highway is the Moscow High-Speed ​​Diameter (MSD). The total length of —68 km, the route will unite the main outbound highways – Dmitrovskoe, Altufevskoe, Kashirskoe, Varshavskoe, Yaroslavskoe, Schelkovskoe Highways, North-Western Chord, Entuziastov Highway, as well as Ryazansky and Volgogradsky avenues. Near the station "Novokhokhlovskaya" you can go to the TTC. In the north, the continuation of the MSD will be the federal highway M 11 "Moscow– St. Petersburg", in the east– future highway M 12 "Moscow—Kazan". In the south, the highway will pass into the M 2 “Crimea” highway and a new artery "Solntsevo– Butovo – Varshavskoe shosse.

It is expected that the value of MSD for the transport system of the capital will be comparable to the Moscow Ring Road and will create a new transport reality for car owners, providing an opportunity to make faster and more comfortable trips. So, it will be possible to cross the entire city without a single traffic light in 40 minutes, and on certain routes, depending on the time of day, the duration of the journey will be reduced from 10 to 50 minutes. For example, the road to Sheremetyevo airports and "Domodedovo" will be faster by 20-25 minutes. Separately, it is noted that there will be no transit of freight transport on the diameter. Sobyanin expressed confidence that the project would be completed as early as 2023.

The mayor suggested that Muscovites vote for a new name for the highway on the Active Citizen portal.

” It's time to give her a clear and convenient name,” Sobyanin concluded.

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