Murderer Michal Sela sentenced to life imprisonment

The killer Michal Sela was sentenced to life imprisonment

The Jerusalem District Court sentenced Eliran Malul to life imprisonment for the murder of his wife Michal Sela.

In addition, Malul must pay compensation in the amount of 258 thousand shekels to his daughter, who will be raised by the sisters of the murdered Michal.

The murder took place in October 2019. It is known that Eliran Malul repeatedly stabbed his wife and mocked her before killing her.

According to The Times of Israel, Malul first apologized to the parents of his murdered wife. Malul's pre-written statement was read at the court hearing.

“I would be happy if I could go back in time and prevent this horrific tragedy, but, unfortunately, I cannot,” the statement reads. statement of the convicted person.

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