Murder of Ophelia Martin-Cyr: “I want justice”

Meurtre d’Ophélie Martin-Cyr: «Je veux que justice soit rendue»

Three Rivers — “She was like my little sister. It is difficult to think that someone could have hurt him.” It is in these words, Kary-Ann Brochu has summed up her feeling in front of what happened early Wednesday morning, in a field of Yamachiche. At this place, his great friend, Ophelia Martin-Cyr 19-year-old was found lifeless, murdered.

Kary-Ann and Ophelia had grown up together, their mothers were at that time inseparable. “I have pictures of Ophelia and me, we had to have four years, not more. His mother died at 24 years of breast cancer, and we have always been very close. I have trouble today, but my whole family is also in mourning because we were all close to her and her family,” says Kary-Ann.

Meurtre d’Ophélie Martin-Cyr: «Je veux que justice soit rendue»

Ophelia Martin-Cyr, 19, was found lifeless Wednesday at Yamachiche.


For the moment difficult to know the exact motives of the murder, but Kary-Ann had to spend the evening of Tuesday, with Ophelia as well as another friend who, according to our information, has also been mingled with all this history and was able to pull himself out of a moving vehicle.

Tuesday night, the two friends talked for the last time. “Everything was going well. We had to go for a drink with other people too. But I was very tired so I decided to go to bed instead. When I woke up the next morning, I saw that Ophelia and the other girl had posted pictures on Snapchat of between 2 h and 4 h in the morning. They were on a bike,” says Kary-Ann.

The young woman of 19-year-old was reported missing at around 5 am on Wednesday morning, less than an hour after professing one last time his presence on the social networks. The Sûreté du Québec confirmed that the person who accompanied him was injured by jumping from a moving vehicle. It does not fear for his life.

“I sent a text message Wednesday morning to find out how had ended the evening, but I had no response. It’s only around 3 o’clock in the afternoon they called me to tell me that something serious had happened. I would never have imagined it. It is difficult and I have the emotional roller coaster at this time. I am angry, very angry,” said Kary-Ann Brochu.

For her, the absence of Ophelia will be felt for a very long time. “It was the best friend that you couldn’t have. It was all the time there for his friends. I have experienced difficult times in my life and it has always been there for me, even though she was coming to move in with us for two weeks and made me something to eat. She had a heart as big as the earth. No one will ever replace and I will feel his absence for the rest of my life,” says her friend, in tears, adding that Ophelia was a young woman positive, very respectful of others and without history.

In order not to harm the investigation and the safety of witnesses, Kary-Ann Brochu chose not to move forward on the cases that could surround this story and will await the findings of the investigation. “But the person or people who have done it, I want it to stop as quickly as possible. I want justice to be done,” she says.

Social networks

The news of the death of Ophelia Martin-Cyr has strongly reacted on the social networks, so that the young woman was clearly appreciated by a very large number of people.

“I am without a word. You were a great person, you had always a beautiful smile, so contagious! I can’t believe that you were taken from us too soon little angel,” wrote a friend.

“You were a ball of energy, always ready to accompany me in all sorts of things, but mainly, and this is what I remember most of you, always there for the people that you love. Thank you so much for everything, I can count on my fingers the number of times you have been there for me. (…) You have been not only a friend but also a sister, a sister of the heart with which I shared many special moments. Life is so unfair, you left much too early, and you were young and had so much to live yet. It is with a heavy heart that I say rest in peace my beautiful friend, with the one thou hast lost, young, your mom. Watch over all of us,” said another friend.

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