Murder of a teenager in Kiryat Shmona: Police detained

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 Murder of teenager in Kiryat Shmona: Policeman arrested

A police officer has been detained on suspicion of disrupting the trial of the murder of an 18-year-old teenager in Kiryat Shmona. According to Israeli media, he was detained this week by the police investigation department for questioning. The police officer is suspected of disrupting the investigation. It is assumed that he is connected with the main suspect detained in the murder case. The interrogated was a patrolman, who was the first to arrive at the scene even before the murder. He got a call from his friends when the fight broke out. When he arrived at the scene, he was attacked by a group of boys with whom one of his daughters was hanging out. He didn't write the report properly and asked both groups to disperse. In the second fight, in which the boy was killed, the suspect turned out to be the partner of his relative. This is what the police investigation focused on.

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